• The Roaring Red Front-politics--Football-TACO!-TACO!
  • The Roaring Red Front-politics--Football-TACO!-TACO!

The Roaring Red Front

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Stewart McGill & Vincent Raison

With the world turning rightwards and democracy looking at its most precarious since the 1930s, the emergence of a global network of left-wing, anti-fascist and anti-racist football fans has been one of the few shining lights in dark times.

Some support clubs that are globally renowned, including the great St Pauli - more famous for the quality of its politics and its merchandise than its football. Others, no less committed, follow virtual minnows, like Red Star Paris and Bohemians Prague. But they still have proud histories, deep convictions and something to say.

The left often fails to connect. How can these clubs inform and inspire? How can their example help collectivist, internationalist and inclusive principles defeat the seductive slogans and symbols of the growing nationalist and nativist movements across the planet?

Told by two lifelong football fans and writers who regularly travel to watch these clubs, The Roaring Red Front explores these questions while examining the history and current struggles of these special clubs - and why it all matters.