SUPER PERRY - The Iconic Images of Lee Scratch Perry

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Dennis Morris

71 pp
21 x 27cm

Photo book featuring reggae dub music singer and producer Lee Scratch Perry, who sadly passed away in 2021. This book contains 42 treasured photographs taken by Dennis Morris, who has earned the trust of many influential, history making musicians - including Bob Marley and the Sex Pistols. As the subtitle "The Iconic Images of Lee Scratch Perry" suggests, the entire collection is truly iconic. From the recording sessions at the legendary Black Ark Studio in the 1970s, to the joyous photo sessions in the 2000s and beyond, to Perry wandering languidly through the London nights in his later years - the reader will be able to enjoy a truly iconic images of the god of dub throughout this book. Here is a "small part" of the mysterious and charming life of a legendary man who lived amidst the waves and colour of sound.