• It Came From the Fog
  • It Came From the Fog
  • It Came From the Fog

It Came From the Fog

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Tom Crawford/ Sam Hasler 

3 short stories and a collection of images.
96pp lithograph printed book, 
Softback,148 x 210mm

The fog is the fog of a film noir film, or the fog in a ravine of a vampire movie, or the fog and smog of Dickensian London, or the fog of a coastal romantic melodrama, or the fog over the swamp where Swamp Thing rises, or the fog around the foot of an office tower at dawn; like a hard glass monolith lifting out of the mists, and all the ways that fog makes a simple city feel mythical. And it – the ‘it’ that came from the fog – it is the clichés of film noir films, and the clichés of vampire movies, and the clichés of Dickensian London and the clichés of coastal romantic melodramas, and the clichés of Swamp Thing’s lagoon, and the clichés of cities at dawn, and the sense that some mythologies can be given to any simple city with a generous layer of fog. This book is about two characters that live in that space between simple cities and the pulpy, ghostly, sly, creepy, slippery, mushy, messy fog.

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