• Fieldnotes #3
  • Fieldnotes #3

Fieldnotes #3

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A quarterly print journal publishing new writing and artworks with a focus on practices that work between disciplines and against type. 

Is a crowd

Is a sensuous grid

Is a low buzzing noise

Is many purring lungs

Is constantly constellating 

Is a slow unpronounceable cure...


With work by:- 

CAConrad & George Finlay Ramsay
Charlie Hawksfield
Angus McCrum
Peter Gizzi
McKenzie Wark
Kate Paul
Michelle Williams Gamaker
Georges Bataille & Rachelle Rahmé
Declan Wiffen
Rosa Barba
Travis Jeppesen
Robert Glück & Arnold Kemp
Cecilia Pavón & Jacob Steinberg
George Lynch
Yuhan Shen

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