• Fandom as Methodology
  • Fandom as Methodology
  • Fandom as Methodology

Fandom as Methodology

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Catherine Grant & Kate Random Love (ed.)

304 pages, 7 in x 9 in, hardback

An illustrated exploration of fandom that combines academic essays with artist pages and experimental texts.

Fandom as Methodology examines fandom as a set of practices for approaching and writing about art. The collection includes experimental texts, autobiography, fiction, and new academic perspectives on fandom in and as art. Key to the idea of “fandom as methodology” is a focus on the potential for fandom in art to create oppositional spaces, communities, and practices, particularly from queer perspectives, but also through transnational, feminist and artist-of-color fandoms. The book provides a range of examples of artists and writers working in this vein, as well as academic essays that explore the ways in which fandom can be theorized as a methodology for art practice and art history.

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