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  • Dead Lovers-artist writing--art writing-TACO! -Sticky Fingers

Dead Lovers

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Published by Sticky Fingers Publishing
Single colour risograph cover, with gold sticker
B&W inner pages printed on recycled pape

The Dead Lovers series is a contribution towards the efforts to establish alternative genealogies within experimental writing. These publications come from a place that understands referencing as a political tool and as a love language. Dead Lovers takes feminisms not just as subject but as method; rearranging the writing process by applying feminist methodologies to our practices.

This publication focuses on a particular work of a deceased writer, one whose societal positionally meant that her subjectivity was always contested: Cookie Mueller. By a process of close readings and crits, we have commissioned three new texts that write in, around, or through Mueller’s short story, The Simplest Thing (1989). By positioning these texts alongside each other and putting them into the world, they enter a dialogue that oozes across the time-space which separates us from Mueller.