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Kate Carr

Splinters as a composition has a dream like quality, dark and enigmatic. Electronic noise colours the drone and bubbling soundscapes of a somewhere. Repeating musical phrases mix with recognisable sounds from life- a spoken utterance, a rumbling train. As a listener you drift with the current through misty scenes, like a journey down the river styx towards some marshland on the edge of an urban sprawl.

Made in response to an invitation from TACO! - Splinters documents Kate Carr’s relationship with the space, and the area of London it calls home.  Over an 18 month period Kate kept a growing sonic diary of her journeys to the space from her home, her construction of work in the gallery, her wanderings around the green spaces and urban architecture, the coming and goings of visitors, and the artistic activity by other artists and musicians at  TACO! A recording of daily experience- Splinters is a sonic portrait of a time and a place, and the actions and events within it.  

Splinters includes audio samples from concerts and exhibitions held at TACO! Featuring material from lives sets from Liz Helman, Tom White, Rebecca Lennon, Pouya Ehsaei, Jonathan Higgins and Hannah Dargavel-Leafe, and audio material from the exhibitons Scratch! by George Barber, and Heavy View by Laura Yuile

Splinters, 2020

Limited edition of 150  

180g Red Vinyl in a clear colour printed sleeve

All tracks by Kate Carr
Album Design: Louise Mason